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Perchance to dream

Perchance to dream


In the labyrinths of her deep night, Arwal dreams about the bride of flesh she once knew, satin on her warm skin, walking with majesty between columns of stone and marble. She sees her dancing to the shrilling tune of unknown chords, smiling eyes, radiant as a thousand diamonds.


When did she see her last? How long had it been since the sweet Solyn had gone to dream eternal dreams? Arwal would never speak of it, because it wouldn’t befit a queen to shed tears.


But what would the sweet Solyn dream about, in that cruel perpetual slumber all mortals must follow? Would she dream of Arwal, magnificent on her flowing throne of waves and dark skies? Would she see the sadness in her eyes?


How could she? In this magical dreamland, Solyn is vibrant with life and joy, ready to recite her sacred vows of love to her sacred gods of stone. Arwal could even smell the burning wax and hear her friend’s solemn voice, clear as it had been, brushed by emotion.


Then, as it happens, the spell breaks. Solyn’s laughter still rings in the cold night, and Arwal clings to the fading remains of her lost dream. It’s in vain. She’s awake, and her sweet Solyn, who once was the sister of her soul, is no more.

bridal dreams 1



Maitreya Lara mesh body; Slink Elegant hands (and feet); Skin: Lumae :: Fable ~ River; D!va hair – Diva 2; IKON Sovereign Eyes – Starfall; KOSH lashes V8; Shape: my very own.


Ever An’ Angel – Sonnet – Bridal Gown (cool crown-looking veil included; I added my own chest ruffles because I’m stubborn and wanted to wear my mesh body); Zuri Rayna~Ariel Wedding- Ice Diamond/Blue; Zuri Rayna~MVW Miss USA Scepter~2012 (first image); Aeva // Sukobi Make Up; Chaos Twister, tattoo +Fallen Gods Inc.; -{ZOZ}- Glitter Candy Silver Polish.


Revenland RPG – Medieval+Fantasy Roleplay; Photos by Zero Upshaw and Arualblues



Maitreya Lara mesh body; Slink Elegant hands (and feet); Skin: LAQ Imani 2 – Ebony; Hair by booN (cornrows hairbase and bun); IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel; Shape: my very own.


Merivale Alita Bridal White Gown; Jewelry: Zuri Rayna~Champagne Star Necklace & Earrings Set, Zuri Rayna~Tiara of the Mist-Coral Opal, Zuri Rayna~Norena Elite Bracelet and Zuri Rayna~Charlotte Ring Elite; Make up by Ever An’ Angel; -{ZOZ}- Glitter Candy Silver Polish.


Ethereal City – Lacrimosa Cathedral; Photos by Zero Upshaw and Arualblues


New items around the Jewels Isle Mall and a New Store


Home of Zuri Rayna Jewelry & Jewels Isle Mall

A warm welcome to MeriVale who joins us at Jewels Isle .


Romantic dressing with a touch of Vintage.
Formal and cocktail gowns.Bridal and bridesmaid .
Dedicated to elegance with class and at an affordable price for all.

Now for some fantastic photos of specials around the Jewels Isle sim.

Sascha’s Designs

New items at Sascha’s Designs at Jewels Isle

SAS - FlowerPower HUD Dress

FlowerPower hud dress- L$ 249

SAS - Frida TurquoiseSAS - Frida Blush

 Frida gown- available in 5 vibrant patterns, L$ 425

SAS - Bold Shoes VendorSAS - Epic Hud Vendor

Bold and Epic hud shoes for Slink high feet, L$ 495 each style

60L Specials

  SAS - Anemone MiniSAS - Chantal White (+ Omega)

SAS - Mikkalina IceBlueSAS - Desirea Pink

Oceane Body Design

55L Offer

Oceane - Lips & Liner Nicky Roze

Kastle Rock / Mirage

60L Specials



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Sempre Libera

Sempre Libera
A night of Verdi and romance

A night of Verdi and romance

Sweet and dramatic, the first chords of the overture sweep our last whispers and set us in expecting silence. I heard this opera so many times, yet those beautifully sad notes never fail to raise ‘goosebumps’ under the lace of my gown. The wizardry of immortal music. I lose myself in the story and never manage to hold back tears in Addio del passato. He knows it. He grins slightly, holds my hand and squeezes it gently, as he always does, then passes me a tissue.

Later, strolling through the elegant halls of the theatre, he’d say I’m the Prima Donna of his heart. I roll my eyes and laugh at the way he pronounced it, but give him a kiss all the same. Eyes are on us, and I know it, and I like it. I’m the diva tonight.

Sempre Libera - 2

My gown is a black lace delight made by Merivale, revealing enough to be sensual, yet leaving much to a fertile imagination. The design is exquisite and includes appliers for several mesh bodies. The luscious pearls draping from neck to cleavage were the perfect complement for it, one of the latest releases by Zuri Jewelry. The combination of strong pearls and delicate gems, with a subtle touch of baby’s-breath makes this collection a breathtaking beauty.


Skin: LAQ / Maitreya Lara mesh body / Slink hands / Hair: booN / Eyes: IKON / Shape: my very own


Vera Gown by Merivale / Jewelry: Charlotte Elite Collection by Zuri Rayna / Angel nail polish by {ZOZ} / Make up by Ever An’ Angel


The Rose Theatre at Angel Manor Estate / Photos by Zero Upshaw