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Thy soul shall find itself alone

Thy soul shall find itself alone

Thy soul shall find itself alone
‘Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone;
Not one, of all the crowd, to pry
Into thine hour of secrecy.

Excerpt from: Spirits Of The Dead – Edgar Allan Poe

Queen of Souls - Fire

The moon shies away behind a curtain of fog, a cool gust of wind raises goosebumps on your warm skin, and you aren’t sure you see the path anymore. Was that the sound of chanting, far in the distance, or is the wind’s dance among the trees tricking your ear? Venture if you dare, you may find the Queen of Souls waiting to own yours!

Queen of Souls - Blood

This hot summer night finds me in my new *Les Encantades* Ivy Gown (from The Fantasy Collective). Its velvet-looking fabric with golden leaves enhances my regal look, with a deep, sensual cleavage. There is no better adornment than Zuri Jewelry’s latest release, the Mist Elite Collection, and I would not be a magnificent queen without a magnificent crown: the Asherah, also by Zuri. I chose a pale and ghostly skin, beautifully designed by Fallen Gods Inc. (at the Wayward Carnival), and my hair comes from the latest Hair Fair (by MINA). I finished my look with lovely slippers by The Muses (also from The Fantasy Collective), and the Acantha claws, by Kibitz (from the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival).

Queen of Souls - Details

The background is at Resurrection Blood, a bloodlines and progeny friendly SIM for Spanish speakers.

The breeze, the breath of God, is still,
And the mist upon the hill
Shadowy, shadowy, yet unbroken,
Is a symbol and a token.
How it hangs upon the trees,
A mystery of mysteries!        ~Excerpt from: Spirits Of The Dead – Edgar Allan Poe



Maitreya Lara mesh body / Slink Elegant Hands and Mid Feet / Skin: Pure [xx]+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Ivory (Wayward Carnival) / Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eyes (London Fog, free color available at Wayward Carnival) / Zibska Kell Lashes – tintable (Hair Fair 2015) / Hair: MINA – Selenia (Hair Fair 2015) / Sn@tch Box-Twisted Unearthly Makeup & Eyes (from the last Twisted Hunt and I’m eagerly waiting for the next one!).


Gown: *LE* Ivy Bloody Onyx (The Fantasy Collective) / Zuri Rayna~ Mist Elite Full Collection-Metals/Pearls/Gemchange / Zuri Rayna~ Asherah Ladies Crown / The Muses . Innocent . Slipper . 24 colorHUD (The Fantasy Collective) / Kibitz – Acantha claws – citrus COMMON (from last Fantasy Gacha Carnival and also eagerly waiting for the next one!)


Background: Resurrection Blood / Props: *FF* Rhyne dagger (unscripted) / Poses by **Poseway** / Photos by Zero Upshaw.


A Bayadère in the Mist

A Bayadère in the Mist

Today I’m representing a scene from the ballet La Bayadère (temple dancer or temple maiden). The bayadère Nikiya and the warrior Solor swore each other eternal fidelity. Alas, it would not be a proper ballet if the lovers had just lived happily together. The High Brahmin was in love with Nikiya, and the Rajah wanted Solor to marry his daughter, the princess. TL;DR: not only the Rajah and his daughter plotted Nikiya’s death, they also made her dance at Solor and the princess’ engagement party.


In the middle of her dance, Nikiya receives an anonymous basket of flowers, where the Rajah and her daughter hid a poisonous snake. When she’s bitten, the Brahmin offers her the antidote, but Nikiya prefers to die, rather than living without Solor. From there, the story only keeps getting darker, and I can assure you there is no happy ending.

Mist-2-Nikiyas Death

I wanted to recreate Nikiya’s melancholy dance, as she was forced to celebrate the loss of the man she loved. Alluring in her magnificent Les Encantades Padma top and skirt, you can almost feel the soft silk caressing her skin as she dances. Her beauty is enhanced by Zuri Rayna’s new Mist Elite Collection. The diadem falls delicately above her desolate eyes, the swirls and curves of the necklace embrace her chest, the bracelets clink gracefully with her moves, and the belly jewel tantalizes the eyes of Solor as she arches her back.

Nikiya-temple dancer-cropped

For my “cosplay” -so to say- of Nikiya’s last dance and death, I sinned: I edited the Padma top. Don’t get me wrong, the top was gorgeous as it was, but I wanted to show the beautiful necklace. How is the saying, eating the cake and having it too? My background is the glorious Taj Mahal, a sim full of romance and beautiful sights.


Skin: Zoul Creations – Chloe Sk8 / Shape: my own / Maitreya Lara Body / Slink Hands – Elegant / Slink High Feet / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak / Hair: Tableau Vivant~ Cersei II – Basics (past We ❤ RP event) / Nail polish (hardly noticeable, I know…) -{ZOZ}- Angel Polish


*LE* Padma Orchid Skirt – *LE* Padma Rose Top (past Mystery Gacha event) / Zuri Rayna~ Mist Elite Full Collection (diadem, necklace, earrings, bracelets and belly jewel) – Metal, Pearl and Gem changing Set / [The Forge] Boho Foot Jewels, Gold (Epiphany Gacha event, and yes, I’m aware there’s only a glimpse of it, sorry about that).


Background: ~Mumtaz~ Taj Mahal / Treacherous flowers scattered on the floor: NSP Wild Flower Bouquet (past Jewels Isle Halloween Hunt) – NSP Peony Flower Girl Basket / Rose on Nikiya’s hand: Rose of lost romance by Ethereallusions. Because I was inspired in a ballet, I used the “Odette” set of poses from **Poseway**.