Anyone can be a dragon rider

Anyone can be a dragon rider

October can be great fun in Second Life. Most places from all over the grid happily embrace the spooky atmosphere of that traditional holiday, born in the glorious days of the fallen empire. Last October, my guy and I went to see what ghouls and fears there were in another ancient fallen empire, Valyria, created by the imagination of George R.R. Martin in his fantasy novels. The Calas Galadhon’s Park offers a number of fantastic sites to visit, including his inspired rendering of old Valyria.


The sights were spectacular. On arrival, you were given a flashlight, and all the freedom to wander around the different scenarios prepared, and discover the ruins of the lost world.


No flying was allowed, which added to the sense of immersion of the experience. Unless you rode a dragon. And we totally had to ride a dragon!


There was also a little game, where certain magic parchments took you to different places of the sim, where you could admire the beauty of the builds… or find yourself surrounded by the wandering spirits of the long dead Dragonlords!


Nobody. Is. Safe. NOBODY.


Same as GRRM’s Valyria, Calas Galadhon’s Valyria is now no more. But I’m looking forward to the next adventure!


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