Lazy Sunday morning

Lazy Sunday morning

The nights are getting longer and colder in the northern portions of the world. While missing -sometimes- the devouring heat of the Amazonian planes where I used to spend the end of the year, I also came to appreciate little “wintery” pleasures.

Going around the house wrapped up in cozy warm “jammies” on a lazy Sunday morning with my guy is, by far, my favorite of them.

Recently, one of my favorite stores, Ever An’ Angel, opened a new branch for men. Even before they had time to set up the main poster, I had dragged my guy over there. To our delight, their first group gift was the matching pajamas to the ones that were the ladies’ latest group gift.

What can two mature and collected adults do in matching pajamas?

Nov 18_003

The sun was shining and the sea breeze was delicious, so we took some time to play with Chili, our cute puppy.

Nov 18_005

But it’s already too cold for a swim, so careful not to trip! Oh dear, I may fall, but I’m dragging you with me!

Nov 18_007

There’s a lot going on in these pics, and I wouldn’t know where to start with a list of everything shown here. The location is our home; the house was designed and built by Zero Upshaw, who is also the sweet man inside the pajamas.

The hanging basket/palm where we play with Chili is [F] Palm Tree Swing Set (M/C), and Chili is one of the smart pets from VKC, a Birch Puppy. He will get is own blog post one day.

My style card is brief:
Ever An’ Angel – Very Silly Pajamas / Zuri Rayna~Tangled Hearts Diamond Pendant Silver & Celtic Tangled Earrings White-Sterling /// Skin: ZC – Chloe sk8 / Shape: my own / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Slink Elegant Hands / Hair: Analog Dog 42 / Make up: Tone – Mixers – For Dark Skin – 01B Combo


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