Through your eyes

Through your eyes

Your hand draws a line; the brush lazily follows
your eyes linger on the curve of my shoulder
your lips part in a whisper, a knowingly smile
I lay on the canvas, intensely yours
reborn in the beauty that exists through your eyes
the morning sun captured forever on my skin
and yours

Maybe because December where I live is cold and rainy, but the heart of summer where I grew up, this fantasy is about a warm morning. A week into the wonderful We RP of December, I decided to show off once again my amazing new Tarkhan Set by The Roawenwood, especially the gorgeous stone bed. I know there are many beds out there, but this one… Oh, you’re in for a treat. It looks inviting, it has an extensive -and very user-friendly- menu. The animations are natural and fit very well; you also have the option of adjusting your position.


I added the Painter’s Studio Set, another practical set by Roawenwood, and I’m wearing the new Nubian Charm Collection, by Yasum, and Zuri Rayna’s Brushed Metal Bangles and Pyramid Ring Elite.

I playfully roll and move, and laugh when you try to remain serious and tell me to keep the pose. We both know that painting will not be finished today…


Background: Room built by [LaZe] / {RW} Tarkhan Great Stone Bed / {RW} Tarkhan Fireplace / {RW} Tarkhan Candelabra / {RW} Tarkhan Holiday Candelabra / {RW} Tarkhan Wall Sconces / {RW} Painters Studio Set


Body and Outfit:
ME: Skin: ZC – Chloe sk8 / Shape: my own / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Slink Elegant Hands / Maitreya Lara Body / Hair: Analog Dog Rae / Yasum*Mesh*Nubian Charm Mega Hud / Zuri Rayna~Brushed Metals Elite Bangles & Pyramid Ring / Zuri’s Aztec Belly Jewel Gemchange /// MY PAINTER: TMP Body / Amacci Hair Isaac



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