Mary Alice

Mary Alice

In that galaxy far far away that I call my Real Life, my big sister and I didn’t grow up together. Technically, we’re half-sisters. Some stories are complicated, and humans can be stubborn, so by the time we finally got to know each other, we had an ocean of distance between us.

We were surprised by how much of our lives -and idiosyncrasies- was similar, even though we were raised differently. Perhaps it’s what we wanted to find, a connection beyond some common DNA. We became close.

Last year her world was shaken. Cancer. Years ago, she watched one of our brothers fight that battle, and lose it. I feared for her, of course I did. She was afraid, and angry, and all those other indescribable things we feel in the face of pending doom. But she buckled up and charged.

When I saw the new “Inner Beauty” pageant sashes that Anachron made for Oh My Gacha, I thought it was refreshing to celebrate the best of our human qualities -determination, independence, generosity, honor, etc., rather than focusing on beauty, whatever that means to anyone in particular.

Courageous 2

My sister had described to me briefly how shocking it had been for her to see herself in the mirror. The scars, the pale skin, the lost weight, the hair loss: things that matter to a woman in this world obsessed by physical beauty. A few days ago, my sister posted a photo of herself with a victorious smile on her face, after having survived her third round of chemotherapy. She was celebrating life and she looked beautiful -to me. I couldn’t think of anything I would prefer to portray Miss Courageous.

Courageous 3

But you don’t need to be in extreme circumstances to celebrate your beautiful qualities. We all have this so called “inner beauty” in us, and we all know others who do, often unrecognized. You can find these sashes at Oh My Gacha until January 24th; you can send them to someone you would like to award, or simply wear them with pride.

Style and Outfit:
LAQ ~ Camille Essential skin ~ Tone 1.0 + LAQ ~Chest v6 / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Maitreya Lara Body / Maitreya Lara Mesh Panties / Anachron – Inner Beauty Pageant Sash – F – Courageous / :: ARTIZANA :: NAGALI C Mesh Headwrap.

The location is my home; the house was designed and built by Zero Upshaw.


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