Un dì felice, eterea…

Un dì felice, eterea…

Di quell’amor ch’è palpito dell’universo intero,
misterioso, altero, croce e delizia al cor.
With that love which is the very breath of the universe itself –
mysterious and noble, both cross and ecstasy of the heart.
La Traviatta – Verdi


One day Violetta passed before me, happy and light as air, and ever since that day, even without knowing it, I loved her. She laughed, with that adorable soprano ring of hers, then plainly said I should find another, for she could not accept a so heroic love as mine. But she gave me a flower with a mischievous smile. “Bring it back to me when it has withered…” Could I dream of more?


She is half-dressed… or is it maybe half-undressed? She playfully asks “The red mask or the violet?” Ah, Violetta… tonight I’m yours. I need no masks, no pompous dress… Only you.

Today I took my inspiration from two characters in La Traviata, one of the most famous operas by Giuseppe Verdi, which tells the love story between Violetta, a courtesan, and Alfredo, a young bourgeois. Anachron is presenting these adorable Venetian chopines at Cosmopolitan, and I just couldn’t resist it. These were the coolest fashion trend back in the XVIth century, brought by the cortigiane oneste, the “classy” courtesans. These ladies were high class, educated, talented, and beautiful. The shoes gradually became a sign of social status: the higher they were, the wealthier the lovely woman who wore them.

Anachron’s Venetian chopines come in various beautiful colors with rich textures (see some of those scattered on the floor, because Violetta is too busy right now to clean up the room), and they include a script that places your foot in the right position. They are compatible with various mesh feet (sometimes little adjustments are needed, of course).


While Alfredo helps Violetta out of her garments, let me tell you what I found at The Liaison Collaborative this month: The Roawenwood provided me with the perfect decoration for Violetta’s home, the new Ashur set. It includes the bare chair where my Alfredo sits, a draped version, the beautiful rug, a table, and the detailed screen where Violetta was getting ready for her lover. As usual with Roawenwood, the animations are smooth and natural. I also included some elements from the Tarkhan set, just because I love it, and it looks great.

As it’s the case with most operas, the story of Violetta and Alfredo ends tragically, but today they are flirting, and they’re happy, and the second act doesn’t exist.


Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / LAQ ~ Camille Essential Skin – Tone 2.0 / [ Oblivion ] Middle-age White 010 – Red dark / .:EMO-tions:. *GISELLE* brunette / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak.

Anachron –Venetian Chopines – Imperatrice / Yasum*Burlesque Cutie*PLUM / ~*SV*~ Bloomers White / Black and White Maitreya Sweet Tea Thigh Highs Flat / Anachron – Dark Masquerade Masks: Black Widow and Vamp (as props) / Zuri Rayna ~ Antique Pearls Elite V1 Choker and Bracelets.

HND Designs – Luxury Socks / Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – L – Relaxed
PFC~General (Male) – L / Amacci Hair Isak ~ Graphite / FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! Aliprando Outfit / 7 Deadly s{K}ins – July Taupe v1 noHB / IKON Eternal Eyes – Denim (M)

{RW} Ashur Living Furniture Set / {RW} – Tarkhan Set / The room was made by Zero, who is also my Alfredo.


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