O meu amor…


o meu amor - 3

O meu amor tem um jeito manso que é só seu
e que me deixa louca quando me beija a boca
a minha pele toda fica arrepiada
e me beija com calma e fundo
até minh’alma se sentir beijada
My lover has a gentle manner that’s only his
that drives me crazy when he kisses my mouth
I get goose bumps all over my skin
and he kisses me slowly and deeply
until even my soul feels kissed




o meu amor - 1

A sunny afternoon, the sensual call of Bossa Nova, and the warmth of our skins drawn to each other. You stand there against the window, looking at me in sweet anticipation. You follow the rays on sunlight playing with my curves, drawing frisky shadows on my skin, that you’re eager to explore.

I wait for you on my alluring Diva May Care Lips Sofa, by Roawenwood… come on, there’s space for you too! This enticing sofa is the exclusive special prize from Roawenwood at the Gacha Garden, a cool gacha event, with a twist! It works like this: whenever you play 20 times in a single gacha machine, you get a special gift, an exclusive creation that will not be for sale ever again. This Sofa, I have to assure you, it’s well worth every Linden. Besides its great looks, it has smooth, high quality animations, and some adorable cuddles included.

o meu amor - 2

By the way, the delightful lingerie I’m wearing is the Rare item from Dead Dollz, also at the Gacha Garden. It’s fitted for my Maitreya Lara body, and it comes with a multicolor HUD.  The best complement I could think of, was one of Zuri Rayna’s latest releases: the romantic Only You Rose Collection, here in the Turquoise/Ocean version. My sweet guy is also wearing his blings from Zuri’s: he matched the Beaded Phoenix Sterling Necklace with the Beaded Elite Leather Bracelets.


Eu sou sua menina, viu? E ele é o meu rapaz
Meu corpo é testemunha do bem que ele me faz
I’m his girl, you see? And he’s my guy
My body is evidence of the good he does to me


…………….. ~ O meu amor – Chico Buarque ~

Skin: Zoul Creations – Chloe Sk8 / Shape: my own / Maitreya Lara Body / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Hair: EMO-tions – Nella / Tone by Ever An’ Angel: Fresh Optional Eyeliner, Soft Expressions Eyes – Indigo, Mixers – for dark skin – 01B Lips.

Zuri Rayna- Only You Rose – Turquoise/Ocean Collection / .::Dead Dollz::. Abby lingerie RARE at Gacha Garden / Pure Poison – Artizan Could Pumps

My guy:
7 Deadly S{k}ins – July Taupe v1 / Shape: his own / IKON Eternal Eyes – Denim / Slink Male Hands – Relaxed / Slink Male Feet / A&A Joe Hair / Heart Dragon Tattoo (Lighter) 1 – *V* STORE® / Vidor Shirt / M&M Incorporated – Jay Boxers /  MESH Vidor Shirt FashionNatic / HUD Driven / Zuri Rayna~Beaded Phoenix Sterling Necklace / Zuri Rayna~Beaded Elite Leather Bracelets.

{RW} Diva May Care Gacha – Lips Sofa – Gacha Garden Exclusive prize / {RW} Plush Fur Rug Black / The background is our home.



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