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Make me smile


Yes, you’re late again. Again. Will you blame the switch to summer time? The sky turns darker, and the evening breeze starts creeping in on my bare skin. I won’t wait much longer.


At least the days are getting longer, warmer, which is why I’m wearing this lovely Darcy dress, the latest creation from BlueMoon for the Fair Play event. Its fabric brings the airs of a vintage spring, and the sheer bolero falls delicately on your shoulders.

The best ornament was Zuri Rayna’s latest release, the Maija collections. Just as the dress, this jewelry is the perfect fusion between vintage elegance and fantasy, between the classy pearls and the rays of gems spreading on your chest. I chose the Champagne version, but there are others available, as well as the Elite, which offers you several combinations of pearls, gems, and metal colors.


Skin: Zoul Creations – Chloe Sk8 / Shape: my own / Maitreya Lara Body / Slink Elegant Hands / Slink Medium Feet / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Wasabi Pills Coral Mesh Hair / Tone by Ever An’ Angel: Horizons Lips- Sicily + Bold Expressions Eyes – Fluorite.

BMe Darcy Dress Default Fitted (available at Fair Play)/ AB Lady Rose Slippers / Zuri Rayna- Maija Champagne Collection / Zuri Rayna~ Radiance Gemchange/Platinum Engagement Ring-Mesh.

Background: Paris 1900

A Twisted Odyssey


“Son of Laertes, versatile Odysseus, after these years with me, you still desire your old home? Even so, I wish you well. If you could see it all, before you go–all the adversity you face at sea–you would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal…”
(Circe – The Odyssey Bk. 5, lines 212-218)

Twisted 1

The Twisted Hunt is on, and the theme is the Odyssey!

You can see me looking dazzling in my Homeward Star Chiton by Anachron, adorned by the Chains of Calypso jewelry collection by Chop Zuey, the Abyssal Crown Geode by Attitude is an Artform, and these amazing golden Soothsayer Eyes by SongBird. And this is only the beginning! I can’t wait to see what other treasures I find along the way…

But the Twisted Hunt isn’t only about seeking freebies. Some designers go through commendable efforts to make it fun for you, organizing extra side activities. These pictures were taken inside the crypt that is Anachron’s Scattered Winds game.


It will run all through March, so take a chariot to the starting point and have a blast!

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / .::WoW Skins::. Sahra (Group Gift) – Tan / enVOGUE Hair – Inna – Ombre / ~SongBird~ Soothsayer Eyes / DP – Koffin Nails – Future Tech (found at Multiverse) / .:Glamorize:. Heavy Black Combo – Lips / St@tch Temptress Eye Makeup (Gold).

Anachron – Women’s Homeward Star Chiton – Black / Chop Zuey – The Chains of Calypso Set / A&A Abyssal Crown ~Geode~ / The Dark Fae’s Nectar of the Gods Ring / The Dark Fae’s Odyssey Bracelet.


Comic books are comin’ true

Comic books are comin’ true

Cyberotic head explode
Information overload
And I just can’t take anymore
And I’m gonna break
Something’s gotta give – Aerosmith

No sign of life. No rustle of leaves, no footsteps on the concrete, or should I say on the filthy flood water? I found the place, but I arrived too late, and there is no one left.


I will find what we were looking for, but I will need more time. I don’t think this was an accident, I can tell you that. Let me send you the preliminary analysis through my Data Bracer. I have to get out of here.


This super cool gadget I sport is the new Data Bracer Wrist Mounted Server, which you can find all March at the Multiverse event. It’s unisex and comes in six varieties, each of them with several options of screen display, glow, and color. It also has animations to look at the screen, type, or simply close it and let it rest on your wrist. The animations will work well with other animations or your AO on, too.


My clothes are from one of my favorite stores for anything Goth/Steampunk-esque: Yasum Designs, and the jewelry is a mixture between Zuri Rayna’s Studded Hearts Elite Collection and the lovely crystal flowers (from a past gacha) by Le Coq D’or.


Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: Lumae :: Jewel – 1 – Pearl – Cocoa (Group Gift) – Freckled/Ginger brow / D!va Hair “Bambi” Type B – Garnet / ~*By Snow*~ Cyborlyte Eyes – Purple / DP – Koffin Nails – Future Tech (found at Multiverse) / { DATUM } Like I can – Tattoo / alaskametro<3 “Creme Red” lipstick – Fiery (Omega applier).

Yasum*MESH*Goth Top*Mega Hud Controled* / Yasum*MESH*Space Steam Leggings*GACHA*ULTRA RARE*Mega Hud* / Anachron – Data Bracer Wrist Mounted Server – Hacker Custom (found at Multiverse) / Zuri Rayna~ Studded Hearts Elite-Metal/Gemchange / Le Coq D’or – crystal flowers hairpins 2 (purple) / Le Coq D’or – crystal flowers  Ring 1 (purple) / ~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring Triskelion

Dystopia // Carnage City (under construction)