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The sweet face of Spring

The sweet face of Spring

Omnia sol temperat         The sun warms everything,
purus et subtilis,              pure and gentle,
novo mundo reserat         once again it reveals to the world
faciem Aprilis,                  April’s face,

These verses belong to one of my favorite musics ever made, Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff, inspired in various poems from the 11th to 13th centuries. Primo Vere is a sing to the rebirth of the senses and love brought by the spring, and what could be better inspiration to go with my second visit to the Fantasy Faire!


This adorable pond is the exclusive creation by Roawenwood, the Deep Woods Forest Sojourn. Warm and inviting, here you can bathe, relax after a long walk in the woods, and even cuddle with someone special, with high quality animations and even temporary props. All proceeds go to RFL, and this one will not be sold after the Fantasy Faire is over.

Veris leta facies                       The merry face of spring
mundo propinatur,                 turns to the world,
hiemalis acies                         sharp winter
victa iam fugatur,                   now flees, vanquished;
in vestitu vario                        bedecked in various colours
Flora principatur,                   Flora reigns,
nemorum dulcisono                the harmony of the woods
que cantu celebratur, Ah!        praises her in song, Ah!


My outfit is the beautiful Saoirse in Aqua, the exclusive by BlueMoon for the Fantasy Faire. The design is beautiful in its simplicity, with a little touch of sensuality on the opening of the chest. The colorful textures are rich and make me feel I’m shining under the sun of the forest. Matching tiaras and belts are available, and naturally the profit also goes to RFL.


Those medieval verses also include some serious praises to Bacchus… So I think it’s time to relax. It’s Friday, after all!

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / Slink Feet Deluxe / LOGO Alex head / !Lumae :: Leevi Ears – Long – T4 – Fawn / Skin appliers: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – October – Pineapple  / IKON Deadshine Eyes – Fjord (Marine) / [^.^Ayashi^.^] Darin hair-Red set / Nail Polish: -{ZOZ}- Soft Flowers Tips.

BMe Saoirse Aqua / BMe Saoirse Crun (crown) Aqua / .aisling. Eunice – Hands Gold / .aisling. Eunice – Bracelets Gold.

{RW} Deep Woods Forest Sojourn Set – Fantasy Faire 2016 / The location is my really cool neighbour’s place, Pink Nikita’s Realm.


Cream… get on top

Cream… get on top

This is it – It’s time for u to go to the wire
U will hit – Cuz u got the burnin’ desire
It’s your time, time – U got the horn so why don’t u blow it
U are fine, fine – U’re filthy cute and baby u know it

His Royal Badness has left the realm, and I’m letting this iconic song inspire my post today. Let your deepest desires burn with the latest succulent release from The Roawenwood, the Sybian Pleasures set.


Available at ROMP – Elegant Kink until April 29th, the Sybian is all about her pleasure. They include smooth and sensual animations for your own self-delight, and also couple animations, if you decide to let him out of his cage and come out to play.


Get on top
U will cop
Don’t u stop
Sh-boogie bop


Lean back and relax while he cleans up all the mess, using Roawenwood’s Scrub Bucket from the Domina Series, also available at ROMP. If he doesn’t do a good job, he can always go back to his cage…


Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: Lumae :: Jewel – 1 – Pearl / Tattoo: [White~Widow] Southpaw – Black / [CX] Ice Nails / Oceane “Just Kissed” lipstick (Omega applier) / AZOURY – JUTRO Headwear (Snow) / Yasum*MESH*Harness*Mega Hud / :PC: Sylvee Heels.

My Boy Toy:
Heart Dragon Tattoo (Lighter) / Slink Male Hands – Relaxed / Slink Male Feet – Flat / LOGO Ethan Head / 7 Deadly s{K}ins – July Taupe v1 noHB / IKON Eternal Eyes – Denim (M) / [RA] Hair Khal / [RA] Drogo Beard V2 / Xcite! Genitals / BLM Mesh – PRC-004 – Roadrage Chaps – Black – L / FiW Mens Harnes Collar XL – Brown / Kosh – MULTIPLEX BRACELET / Zuri Rayna~ ELVIS RING ~ Replica.

Room built by Zero Upshaw (who is also my Boy Toy) / {RW} Sybian Pleasures Black [Wood] and Red [Wood] / {RW} Scrub Bucket for Him [Domina Series] // Background: {RW} Mounted Display Cage – {RW} Wall Rack (From Sleek Bindings Gacha).

Eu sei que eu vou te amar…

Eu sei que eu vou te amar…
I know I will love you
for all my life, I will love you.
In every single farewell, I will love you
Desperately, I know I will love you.
~Eu sei que eu vou te amar -Vinicius de Morães


The sun sets on the quiet streets of this magical city. We spent the day touristing around, between crêperies and quais de la Seine, kissing passionately in front of the Hôtel de Ville to see if we provoke any shocked faces in the crowd. Of course not.

Orchid Dreams 1

Your eyes are happy, hungry, playful… you enjoy the live splash of color of my new Something Light outfit, the latest release by Ever An’ Angel. Casual and cute, the deep cleavage brings your eyes to my skin, right up to where my beautiful Orchid Dreams necklace, by Zuri Rayna, rests on my chest. Its delicate flowers seem to dance with the print on my blouse. You can find yours exclusively -and reduced price!- during this round of Swank.

Orchid Dreams 2

I’m not myself, or maybe I am, but it feels strange, so strange… I feel the urge to show my ring to random strangers and sing on the streets that I’m yours, that you’re mine. Now and forever, you said… with the Now & Forever Ametrine Engagement Ring by Zuri Rayna. I promised I would show the animations included in Zuri’s rings, and here it goes!

And every verse I write will be
to tell you that I know I will love you
for all my life…

Orchid Dreams 3

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Feet Deluxe / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: amara beauty – Fiona 08-Cacao / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *KEISHA* -BLACK/WHITE / Blacklace Beauty ~ Tempest Eyeshadows (Omega applier).

Ever An’ Angel – Something Light – Watermelon / Zuri Rayna – Orchid Set – Orchid Dreams / Zuri Rayna~Now & Forever Ring – Ametrine/Platinum / [Lavian&Co]-BySage Petra Heels.

Paris Je T’aime.

Pink, it was love at first sight…

Pink, it was love at first sight…

Pink it’s my new obsession,
Pink it’s not even a question,
Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause
Pink is the love you discover

What better for a sunny day than blasting this cool Aerosmith song in my new Unicorn Ear Headphones? This cute newness from Anachron comes with a HUD that makes you bob your head to the rhythm and emits music and bass particles. You can choose how fast and how much, if any at all! You can find these as part of the Gacha Guardians, which I mentioned in my previous post.


Here I’m also sporting the very versatile Nightingale Collar, by The Roawenwood. It comes with a HUD that allows you to pick the color of the central gem and the little beads. If your AO isn’t very friendly with high neck collars, you don’t need to worry, because this one comes scripted to prevent your neck from bending. You still have until April 15th to find it at The Fantasy Collective.


The shoes are another cute newness from Anachron, released at the Kawaii Pon-Pon event, just opened and running until April 24th. They are made for Slink flat feet, but they’re unrigged, so you can try to fit them in other feet. It works! After all this shopping, I just had to take a break and blog using the prop laptop that comes included in the [LaZe] new couples’ Rug. I found this very cool: it’s one of those temp props that show up when you pick one of the “laptop” animations, but it actually lets you surf the web.


Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight…

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / Slink Feet Deluxe / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: Lumae :: Fae – 1 – Pearl – Bare / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak / [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kazuko hair / darkendStare. Unseelie Wings – Feathered [Lavender].

miwa’s airship -Elise Dress #Pink Maitreya (The Project Se7en) / Anachron – Hole Hearted Rocking Horse Shoes – Pink (Kawaii Pon-Pon) / Anachron – Unicorn Ear Headphone – Pink (RARE – Gacha Guardians) / {RW} Nightingale Collar (The Fantasy Collective).

Image 1: {RW} Fairly There Fantasy Trees / {RW} Mesh Butterfly Tracks.
Image 2: My home / [LaZe] – Rug – XXX
Image 3: Ayashi Mainstore.

Our happy, happy love

Our happy, happy love

In these delightful, pleasant groves,
In these delightful, pleasant groves,
Let us celebrate, let us celebrate
Our happy, happy loves!
Henry Purcell (17th century)

You smirk nervously, fumbling your bags for something, and I pretend not to know what or why. You kneel, you say the words, and I can’t hear them over the blast of my own heart, but I know… I’ve always known. It was in your eyes all along.


I let you put the ring on my finger in a happy daze, and it’s all I can do not to faint on the couch. This dreamy scene is bringing together some of the latest creations from four of my favorite stores for anything that tickles my fantasies.


The wonderful scenery comes from The Roawenwood: the Say You Will collection, found at the Gacha Guardians. This is a peculiar event: you get a HUD, and then you go hopping from store to store, playing their gacha machines. The draped couch is the rare, and the tent, bushes, lanterns, and rose petals in the picture are all commons. They will make for a wonderful complement to your love scene. There is more, but I will save that for the next post! The couch has several adorable proposal animations and a few cuddles.


My adorable floral dress is a creation by BlueMoon, which you can find exclusively at Fantasy Cream until April 18th. Its beautiful, lighter fabric speaks of an early spring, adorned with fresh flowers. It’s mesh body friendly and comes in various soft colors.

My hair is an exclusive creation by Anachron for this -medieval themed- round of Genre, the Faire Maiden Hair. It comes with the bejeweled circlet and the veil is optional. It includes a HUD to change the metal of the circlet and the stones.


What could be better for this floral theme than Zuri Rayna‘s latest release, the Orchid Collections? I’m wearing a delicate combination of aqua opals and amethysts, but you can find several wonderful tones. The proposal ring box that my betrothed is using in the first image is also part of Zuri’s wedding sets, and they will also get a post of their own soon.

The fair maiden:
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: .::WoW Skins::. Roxana DARKTAN 2016 / Anachron – Faire Maiden Hair – Brunette / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak / BMe Rebecka Fitted ~ Sky (Maitreya version) / Zuri Rayna – Orchid Set – Aqua Opal/Amethyst.

The sweet guy:
7 Deadly s{K}ins – July Taupe v1 noHB / LOGO Ethan v1.0 Head / Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – L – Relaxed / IKON Eternal Eyes – Denim (M) / Amacci Hair Isak ~ Graphite / !! FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! Aliprando Outfit / PFC~General (Male) – L.

{RW} Lover Proposal Set: Say You Will Couch (RARE) – Say You Will Hanging Lantern w/Fireflies – Say You Will Spring Trees – Say You Will Spring Bushes – Say You Will Lantern Path – Say You Will Tent in Pink / {RW} Fairly There Fantasy Trees / {RW} Mesh Butterfly Tracks.