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Lacrimosa dies illa

Lacrimosa dies illa
Mournful that day.
When from the ashes shall rise
a guilty man to be judged.


I learned all the prayers and I sang all the songs. I believed, or at least it seems to me that I tried. Here I am, I rise from the darkness to be judged, to be forgiven, to be loved; pray for me sinner, mother of mothers, now and at the hour of my death…


Today I’m featuring one of the most unique pieces from Zuri Jewelry: her steel black Rosary. Sober and 100% mesh, it can be adjusted for most shapes and bodies, and resized. It was crafted with love and attention to detail, as always with the excellent quality that Zuri is known for.


And here is the teaser: this exquisite Rosary necklace will be on SALE 50% OFF as part of this week’s Steals & Deals, starting Thursday night, close to midnight.

My wonderful outfit is a mixture of two of my favorites from Avid: Beyond and Aurora, and the hair is the new group gift from no.match: NO_DIVA.


Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Feet Deluxe / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: amara beauty – Fiona 08-Cacao / IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel / Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_DIVA ~ all COLORS- Groupgift ! / .:Glamorize:. Unbroken eyeshadow (Omega) / alaskametro<3 “Matte Dark” lipstick – Gothic.

AVid Gothic Clothing – Aurora: Fascinator, Neck Corset, and Skirt / AVid Gothic Clothing – Beyond: Jacket / Zuri Rayna- Rosary Necklace 100% Mesh-Steel / **RE** Savage Ears Piercings / Lip piercing *Onyx Paw*.

Lacrimosa Cathedral at Ethereal City.

I named you Tiny…

I named you Tiny…

Baby, I love you
But if you wanna leave, take good care
I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there’s a lot of bad and beware…

My sighs echo in the little cottage we used to call home, where the sweet bells of your laughter don’t ring anymore. Now I’m alone with the sad song of the raindrops on my window. How long have you been gone? I know days have come and gone since that tragic day I came home to find you gone.


I named you Tiny, you, small as my thumb, the greatest miracle of my lonely life. I jokingly called you many tiny names with the biggest love. I made your bed from the shell of a nut. I made you a tiny tea set out of acorns and we sat there together, feasting on the little we had, and we had each other.


This beautiful Thistleberry Tea Set that reminds me of you is the latest creation by The Roawenwood, exclusive for Enchantment (the theme, as you may have guessed, is Thumbelina). You can find regular size and petite sized versions of this adorable set at Enchantment until May 31st.

Once you’re there, you can also find the lovely Elina dress I wear, the exclusive creation by BlueMoon. There are a few colors available, but they all include a color HUD for the corset. The dress includes a delicate jewelry attachment for the sleeves, which I’m not wearing for these pictures, but it matches a GIFT that BlueMoon left at the entrance for Enchantment group members!


Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
It’s hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
I’ll always remember you like a child, girl

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / Slink Feet Deluxe / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: .::WoW Skins::. Irene – Milk / IKON Destiny Eyes – Nymph / TRUTH HAIR Blythe –  light blondes.

BMe Elina Dress ~ Blush (at Enchantment) / Anachron – Rune Necklace – Hagalaz (at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival) / Voltai Bonnet.

{RW} Thistleberry Tea Set – Petite Av / {RW} Thistleberry Mushroom Planters Set / Background: one of my homes.
Song: Wild World – Cat Stevens.

Floret silva

Floret silva

The noble woods are burgeoning
with flowers and leaves.
Where is the lover
I knew? Ah!

It’s that scent of wet grass in the morning, the joyful breeze playing with your hair, the splash of color and warmth in the air…


I’m wearing the lovely Daphne top, the new exclusive from Les Encantades for this round of The Secret Affair. A sweet combination of fantasy breast plate and summer leaves, you can find several color variations until the end of the event, on May 31st. I combined it with another *LE* creation, the skirt from the Xylia Golden Forest outfit.


The pretty mesh head and eyes of my nymph were lucky findings from SaNaRae. If you missed it, you better hurry, it closes tomorrow!

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / SOMEMORE / SaeBome mesh head – 01 (at SaNaRae – skin appliers included!) / [UMEBOSHI] Jaded eyes -Light Jade- / [ Oblivion ] Summer Attitude Hair (gift from Hair Fair 2015).

*LE* Daphne Top Gold Onyx (at The Secret Affair)/ *LE* Xylia Golden Forest / [.Wayak’.] Summer Bloom.

Skye Neist Point.
Intro: translation from Floret Silva – Carmina Burana.

Morning dew

Morning dew

Walk me out in the mornin’ dew my honey
Walk me out in the mornin’ dew today
I’ll walk you out in the mornin’ dew my honey
I guess it doesn’t matter anyway

This is what poets and bards have sung about for the ages. The early light through the window falling on the curve of your shoulder. The subtle silk caressing the line of your back. Your beauty in the morning sun, sweet and fresh as morning dew.


This is a very special exclusive by Anachron for The Gacha Garden: Spring Sakura & Lantern Set. It includes Kanzashi/Hairpin back and front, and Kushi/Comb Kanzashi. You can play as many times as you want for the beautiful collection of Kushi/Combs/Hairpins Kanzashi, but if you play 20 times, you will receive the one I wear, called Seed of Inspiration.


This lovely set will not be available after the event is over, on May 31st.

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / Slink Feet Deluxe / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: Lumae :: Fae – 1 – Pearl – Bare / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak / Anachron – Geisha Shimada Hair – Diversity.

Anachron – Seed of Inspiration: Spring Kanzashi/Hairpin Front – Sakura & Lantern / Spring Kanzashi/Hairpin Back – Sakura & Lantern / Spring Kushi/Comb Kanzashi – Sakura & Lantern / .aisling. Danae (Image 1 – available NOW at We ❤ RP) / *Edelweiss* Miko Chihaya (Image 2).

Various trees and bushes made by The Roawenwood / SK Japan Dojo.
Intro: Morning Dew, by Bonnie Dobson.

Where the heart used to be

Where the heart used to be

Lo! Death has reared himself a throne
In a strange city lying alone
Far down within the dim West,
Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best
Have gone to their eternal rest.

This is the place, I’m sure of it. This is the same beach where the remains of my life washed ashore in a time before time, when my hair was golden as the sun and my eyes full of hope. I take off my boots, and my toes sink in the sand as they did so long ago. The memories sting my eyes and I think I still see him… the hunter… what was his name?

The rune on my neck seems to glow in the morning sun. Beorc, the birch. I can almost hear it whispering about rebirth, a new beginning. It certainly was…


These are the new Rune Necklaces by Anachron, which you can find in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The commons come in three different variations, and when you click on them, they whisper the meaning of the rune to you. You have until June 7th to collect them all.

I follow the abandoned paths alone with the echo of my steps. Nature screams of spring and rebirth, but the place I once called home is only ruins. Why can’t I remember his name? I can still see his intense brown eyes when I close mine, I could swear I hear his roaring laughter… but it’s only the birds among the trees. I clutch my rune, Ansuz… I mutter a prayer for wisdom, inspiration, a message…


The night falls, and I find myself alone with my melancholy and my fading memories. Oh yes… I remembered your name, my strong hunter… and I found you at last.


My rune whispers Isa…


Godiva Skin/ Shape: my own / IKON Destiny Eyes – Nymph / Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_COUNTRY.

BMe Lady Brave Heart ~ Night Sky / Anachron – Rune Necklace: Beorc – Ansuz – Isa (commons).

Image 1: Skye Neist Point.
Image 2: Duet.
Image 3: Revenland RPG – Medieval+Fantasy Roleplay.
The poem at the intro is an excerpt from The City in the Sea, by Edgar Allan Poe.

Dance for your soul

Dance for your soul

And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride,
In her sepulchre there by the sea–
In her tomb by the side of the sea.

I have several names… the one that old nanas tell sweet young girls -as I once was- in spine-chilling night stories, the one that rowdy sailors joke about while liquor warms up their bodies, and naturally, the one that desperate men whisper in their last breath, at my feet. Every midnight I materialize from their fears and my ancient vengeful pain, reigning over the seas, the trees, their souls.


Víly, Rusálky, the vengeful souls of dead maidens who entice the living to their death with their beauty and their fatal dance, inspired my post today. My dark nymph is wearing the stunning new exclusive from Les Encantades at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, one of my favorite events in SL. This is the Ichthyes outfit, and I’m showing off the beauty of the rare items, head piece included.


These have an impressive texture quality, and the rigging is friendly to body mesh users. I’m rocking it with a Maitreya Lara in the images, and my Willa can dance you to your death, and twist, and turn, while the outfit still looks impeccable.

Dance for me. Dance to your demise. Dance for your soul.


The Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts only in a few hours!

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / LOGO Alex head / [Stargazer Creations]  Iridescence Skin Set – 09 Canary (Omega appliers) / IKON Witch Eyes – Coven (Greed) / TRUTH HAIR Kora (at The Epiphany) / Kibitz – Acantha claws – citrus.

*LE* Ichthyes Night: Corset, Belt, Skirt, Bracers, Shoulder pieces, and Hairdress / =Zenith=Guardian of the Stars Ward / + Spirit Oni Magic Aura + {aii}.

{RW} Deep Woods Forest Sojourn Set – Fantasy Faire 2016 / The location is my really cool neighbour’s place, Pink Nikita’s Realm.