Toujours, la mort

Toujours, la mort

En vain pour éviter les réponses amères,      In vain to avoid bitter replies,
en vain tu mêleras;                                              in vain will you shuffle;
cela ne sert à rien, les cartes                             that achieves nothing, the cards
sont sincères et ne mentiront pas!                  are truthful and will not lie!

If your page in the book up above is a happy one, shuffle and cut without fear, the card under your fingers will turn up nicely, foretelling good luck. But if you are to die, if the terrible word has been written by Destiny, begin twenty times – the pitiless card will repeat: Death!


Better be ready for the answer, if you dare asking the question. This is the sober and elegant Spirit Board chair set, created by The Roawenwood for this round of Memento Mori. Until February 9th, you can find this set with the sumptuous armchair, ottoman, a decorative Ouija board, and two beautifully macabre candles.


Shuffle time and again your Dark Arts Tarot Set, by Anachron, scattered on the floor in front of you. This tarot set chants your readings in local chat, and can be spread in various formations, like the Celtic Cross on the floor.

The eerie light from the candles dances on the dark gems of my Elegant Elite Choker, by Zuri Jewelry, and the Metaverse Sari Elite Ring, also by Zuri. The lip piercing is rigged for Bento, by Cerberus Xing.


Encore ! le désespoir !            Again! Despair!
Toujours la mort !                   Always Death!

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body + feet / Slink Elegant Hands / Catwa Head Catya (Bento) / Shape: my own / Skin: [7DS] – Omega HEAD – TRANCE POWDER freckled / IKON Hope Eyes – Poltergeist (left) & Green (right) / Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Francie Big Pack.

Blueberry – Secret Spell – Maitreya – Black (dress, bracers, and shoes) / Zuri Rayna~Elegant Choker – Elite / Zuri Rayna- Metaverse-Sari Scripted-Elite Ring / [CX] Bento Piercing Labret Ring (Catwa) / [CX] Bento Piercing Snakebites (Catwa).

{RW} Le Petite Grande Room Skybox w/Drapes / {RW} Spirit Board Set / Anachron – Dark Arts Tarot Set.

Quotes: “En vain pour éviter”, from the opera Carmen, by Georges Bizet.


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