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Standing on the edge of a quay
No lights flashing on the water for me

Fog in my mind darkens my eyes
Silently streaming for a distant sound


The parties are over, everyone left, the world seems to slowly wake up to the reality that nothing really changed. The city smells like hangover and dead remains of fireworks scattered everywhere. The roaring laughter over shining glasses of champagne seems to be a distant memory, perhaps a dream.

I don’t know about you, but I’m eating all my Christmas candy leftovers. Feel free to join!

Shadows all through me shudder away
Echo me, echo me (echo me)

Am I alone or is the river alive
Cause it echos me, echos me, echos me

✽ڿڰۣ— FEATURING ڿڰۣ—✽
Head: LAQ Bento head – Noelle
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
 7 Deadly S{k}ins – Judith – Dew (NEW at The Secret Affair – until January 5th)
Lip gloss: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Becky Gloss
Hair:  Doe: Burr Bear – Pastels (at Lootbox Gacha event – until January 28th)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Storm
Outfit: [hh] Corinne Sweater & Skirt Set – Plains and patterns
Cigarette: [ kunst ] – Short Cigarette Holder (gacha)
Setting: {RoawenWood} Glad Tidings Cocoa & Sweets Stand
Pose: FOXCITY. Indulge Bento Pose Set (#4)

Quote: Night boat, by Duran Duran


Hopeless life


I want to touch it… I don’t want to crush its fragility, so I use the hand that is still made of flesh. It’s still beautiful, but it fades a little every day. Perhaps it’s the sterility of this air, neon and noise, or perhaps it simply knows that it’s all alone, the last flower in a world in decay.


I wonder what its real color looks like… my world needs to be filtered through the visor of my Alphazeta uniform, the latest creation by Stargazer for the Lootbox Roleplay Gacha. I did not modify the lights; this is how my Suit X seems to shine in a fantasy of molten metal and holographic glow. All the body pieces are fitted for Maitreya, and there are various different options to mix and match. The event will go on until April 19th.

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body + Hands / Catwa Head Catya (Bento) / [Stargazer Creations] Vega-6TC Skin (RARE from a previous gacha) / Doe: Carnival Candy – Colors / [The Forge] Ocullas Arm (R). RARE (at Lootbox) / Corvus : Unisex Cyborg Leg.

[Stargazer Creations] Alphazeta Holo: Suit X + Boots B + Visor A (RARE Lootbox 2 at Lootbox).

SageBuilds :: SCI-BOX / Anachron – Future Geometry (currently #Hashbang).


High heels and cherry wine

High heels and cherry wine

So get out of my way
If you know what’s better for you
I’m tearing up the night
Lipstick and leather tight…

Back when I arrived to Berlin, my pals and I from the Sprachschule had some sort of midweek tradition: Wednesday nights weren’t for homework and early bed. We’d hit the clubs and dance our hearts off, fueled by tequila and Jägermeister shots until 4 am or so. Thursday morning class would be half empty and reeking of hangover, yes, but tonight we’re tearing up the night.

Gipta 2

High heels and cherry wine
Not wasting any time…

Said high heels are Vernice, the latest from Renegade, perfect to look classy, trendy, cool, while you rock the dance floor or just chill on the lounge. I went with the snake skin texture on green, and I’m living for it. Now I’ll go help myself to some of that cherry wine…

Gipta 1

We don’t look for trouble,
Just enough to seeing double…

The fresh look on my face comes from the beautiful Lucie skin, current group gift at 7 Deadly S{k}ins. I matched it with the new body appliers, which include different options for showing moles, freckles, or clear skin. Come closer… let me show you something…

Gipta poster2

These cool little shamrock-shaped piercings are the new Gipta, by Drunken Brokkr. They’re on sale, incredibly reduced, until the end of March. Find your ride to Brokkr’s forge HERE.

Here comes, comes the weekend
Hear it calling like a siren oh oh
We don’t want no problems
We don’t like them, keep it moving

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body + Hands / Catwa Head Catya (Bento) / 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Lucie – Apricot (current group gift at main store) / IKON Hope Eyes – Green / Hair: Doe: Thali [Bishbox Exclusive] – Fatpack / Lipstick: Erde: makeup Fashionable alchemy part 1 #2 / Izzie’s – Festive Shimmer Eye Make-Up / Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Last Port.

[Renegade] Vernice – Fatpack (at Renegade) / Blueberry – Serena Pants – Fat Pack / Meva Deva Top Black / [DB] Gipta Lip Piercing + Nose Stud – green (at Drunken Brokkr) / DRD Chain necklace / adoness : The Random Choker : chromatic / **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set / **RE** Deah Gloves & Rings.

Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar.

Quotes: “Here comes the weekend ”, by P!nk.

Note: If you want to know what my BFF (in white) or my squeeze (behind us) are wearing, I can ask!

Your girl


my girl, she breathes hellfire
and my girl, she feeds my desire
my girl she’s the wind in my sails
a puss n’ boots lady with a cat o’ nine tails

Baton girl 1
Time to shake away the Monday blues leftovers with some classic Aerosmith and my sexylicious new Gem boots, by Renegade, which you can find exclusively at the Fetish Fair for a few more days. Badass and glamourous, these are fitted for classic and several mesh bodies, and include various cool texture options. As soon as I put them on, I’m all smiles… and dimples!

Baton girl 2

This gorgeous face is Valentyna, one of the new creations by 7 Deadly S{k}ins, which you can find at the main store. She’s not a meek lady… she’s spicy-hot, ravishing, the girl who breathes hellfire and will melt your heart. Look at those sultry lips… no lipstick needed with all that sensuality. I’m also rocking Ormr Bento piercing, by Drunken Brokkr.

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body + Hands / Catwa Head Catya (Bento) / Shape: my own / 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Valentyna Browless – Walnut (at the main store) / IKON Triumph Eyes – Hazel / #adored – spellbound brows – molten metal edition {catwa} / Izzie’s – Omega Glitter Eyeshadow Appliers / Hair: Doe: Arwin (solid) – Browns.

[Renegade] Gem – Fatpack (at the Fetish Fair) / CUREMORE – Black Parade Uniform – Pure (at Rewind. A Throwback Event: Y2k) / **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set 1.3 / [CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Black+B) Common.


Quotes: “My girl”, by Aerosmith.

Where are we now?

Where are we now?

Had to get the train
From Potsdamer Platz
You never knew that
That I could do that
Just walking the dead

Oh, Berlin, my Berlin, beautiful Berlin, multifaceted Berlin of my heart. I can breathe the melancholy history of your terror and dividing walls, while the sun brings a new spring of “multi-kulti” happy youth. You stole my heart forever, my Berlin forever, my new home.

punk berlin 1

Even though summers here are weak, I’m wearing my super cool Crop Out Hoodie, by Anachron, which you can find exclusively at The Thrift Shop. It comes in various colors and includes mesh body versions. You can go get yours until the first days of May, and you can also find there some more cool urban/punk creations from Anachron, like these Rebel Shorts I’m wearing, and more.

punk berlin 2

I’m Berliner and I’m tourist, too, sometimes I still walk wide-eyed and eager to discover and capture all the secrets of your vibrant nights. I still let you seduce me every day with the strength of the past, with the sweet promise of today, with the fascinating mystery of the future. Do you know where you’re walking?

punk berlin 3

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body + feet + the super awesome new Bento Lara hands / Catwa Head Catya (Bento) / Shape: my own / Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – CYBIL – Taupe / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak / AITUI TATTOO – Hairbase 2.0 – Skulls and Roses / Hair: Doe: Thali [Bishbox Exclusive]  – Fatpack.

Anachron – Crop Out Hoodie – Vandal (at The Thrift Shop) / Anachron – Rebel Shorts – X (at The Thrift Shop) / **RE** Savage Ears Piercings / [CX] Bento Piercing Labret Ring (Catwa) / [CX] Bento Piercing Snakebites (Catwa) / **RE** Alice Watch.


Quotes: “Where are we now?”, by David Bowie.

Shut up and bring coffee

Shut up and bring coffee

When I wake up early in the morning
Lift my head, I’m still yawning
When I’m in the middle of a dream
Stay in bed, float up stream
~ I’m only sleeping – The Beatles

There was an old cartoon by Caloi, a famous Argentinian comedian, that depicted a very exhausted guy sitting on his bed. The captions were -translated to my best abilities: “I love sleeping so much, that I can’t understand why I can’t stay awake while I sleep, to be able to fully enjoy those moments”. I couldn’t find it, but it certainly fits my spirit every single morning. I don’t bite, but I certainly growl.


That’s why I knew I had to have this adorable ripped tank top by Kawaii Whore as soon as I saw it. It’s the charm of simplicity: comfy cotton on the front and sexy rips exposing the curves of your back. You can find these at the Clubhouse Gacha, which started on May 1st. The rare includes a texture-changing HUD to play with!

My skin is a Mother’s Day special from 7 Deadly S{k}ins, and it was interesting to me because it was designed for a Catwa head, but it looks very pretty on my LOGO head nonetheless. It’s fortunate -for me- that they used the Omega applier, rather than the Catwa.

Speaking of gacha, you totally need to hit the Gacha Garden! I found this lovely Plum hair by DOE there, and a few more things that I will have to brag about later… because now I want my coffee or I’ll just go back to my bed!


Please, don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me
Leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / LOGO Alex head / Skin appliers: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Maud– Pineapple (Mother’s Day Offer)  / IKON Destiny Eyes – Nymph / Hair – Doe: Plum (two-tone) – Pastels.

:+ Kawaii Whore + Ripped Top RARE (at the Clubhouse Gacha) / Blueberry – Cossy – Denim Ripped Shorts – Faded Light / =Zenith=Vintage mid socks (Rose) -Maitreya.

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

The month started with me venturing through the delights of the Twisted Hunt, one of my favorite things in Second Life. It’s the most diffficult hunt in the grid, and the coolest too. Even the numerous cheaters with their snapshots and videos couldn’t blur the fun we had.

Twisted Hunt

Awesome prizes from awesome stores, and the satisfaction of finding them all! Here I wear the Complete Twisted Dawn Collection, by Zuri Rayna. The exquisite necklace, head piece, and leather cuffs were the store prize; the ring and the earrings were the special treat of the endgame, for the brave who became Twisted Survivors. It was Zuri’s first time in the hunt, and we had fun hiding the cubes, planting the decoys, creating the hints, and participating in the coolest, most twisted group chat ever.

I’m also wearing my favorite Goth Top by Yasum, my Maitreya Lara mesh body with a sweet Asia skin from Glam Affair, and a cool half-shaved hair by Homage, the Laith, which I got at the last Hair Fair. The background is one of the stores participating in the Twisted Hunt, and I wish I hadn’t lost my notes, because  I can’t remember which one for my life! If anyone knows, I will edit.

Next, I wanted to share a bit of the fun I had this month dressing up at the store.


This Wicked Witch is sporting Zuri Rayna’s Dark Faith Elite Set, I’m wearing the Glam Magic Outfit by Purplemoon, and the super cool Lillith Heels by Wicca’s Wardrobe, which I found at the Fantasy Collective. I complemented it with the Fable Moss skin by Lumae (now on retirement sale!), IKON Witch eyes, Glamour Doll hair by Soonsiki, and the awesome Succubus Claws by Gauze, flames and all. I’m at the Lacrimosa Cathedral in Ethereal City.


This was one of my favorites, the Spider Demon. I’m wearing the fabulous Enchanted Spiders Elite Collection by Zuri Rayna with The Hierophant Dress by Aisling. I matched it with the stunning Ogre Horns by Cerridwen’s Cauldron (gacha rare), IKON Immortal Eyes -Nectar, and the amazing Bone Tail that wiggles around, by Cerberus Xing. My skin is Lady of the Shadows -Coal, by Fallen Gods (also gacha rare), and my hair is Summer, by Doe (gacha common). The picture was taken in the beautiful Revenland.


My sweet and creepy Voodoo Doll made an impression. I’m wearing the Voodoodonna Outfit by Purplemoon, adorned by the Neo-Victorian Cats Set, by Zuri Rayna, Mrs. Brawler Steampunk Boots, by Pixel Box, and the super cool Whoo Are You Tophat, by The Mad Hattery. I had a cute windup key on my back, but it doesn’t show on my picture. My skin is Niska Varda -Hollow, by Lumae, with the Fear Creepy Tattoo of the broken doll, by Frick. This cool hair is Edita, by DUE, and the eyes are Cyborlyte Blush by Snow. I’m at the Carver’s End Horror Halloween Game / Hunt, which was also a lot of fun brought to SL by Pulse Games.


I found this spectacular outfit, inspired in La Catrina, during the TAG! Gacha – The Haunted Mortuary. The dress and its accessories were yet another wonderful prize from Devious Minds, and a wonderful match for Zuri Rayna’s Not So Harmonious Jewelry Set. I’m wearing Lumae’s Niska Varda skin with Frick’s Fear Creepy Tattoo again, this time with Flawless Makeup Día de los Muertos. The picture was taken at the cemetery at Carver’s End.


As Winter Demon, I was wearing the Iseult Gown by Evie’s Closet with Zuri Rayna’s Ice Queen Elite Collection, complemented by the beautiful Renaissance Glass Horns by 8f8, Fable -River skin from Lumae, IKON Immortal Eyes, and hair from Red Mint.


As the Ghost, I used two of Zuri’s newest creations, Mist Elite Collection and Zahra Floral Crown. I was wearing the Rusalka Dress by The Dark Fae (which I got during the Spring Twisted Hunt!), Pure -Ivory skin by Fallen Gods with slightly gruesome Conjuncted Skin face tattoo by Antielle, IKON Deadshine eyes, and The Flutterbie Hair by Olive.

Well…. that’s it *dismisses the two crickets on the background*