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Sempre Libera

Sempre Libera
A night of Verdi and romance

A night of Verdi and romance

Sweet and dramatic, the first chords of the overture sweep our last whispers and set us in expecting silence. I heard this opera so many times, yet those beautifully sad notes never fail to raise ‘goosebumps’ under the lace of my gown. The wizardry of immortal music. I lose myself in the story and never manage to hold back tears in Addio del passato. He knows it. He grins slightly, holds my hand and squeezes it gently, as he always does, then passes me a tissue.

Later, strolling through the elegant halls of the theatre, he’d say I’m the Prima Donna of his heart. I roll my eyes and laugh at the way he pronounced it, but give him a kiss all the same. Eyes are on us, and I know it, and I like it. I’m the diva tonight.

Sempre Libera - 2

My gown is a black lace delight made by Merivale, revealing enough to be sensual, yet leaving much to a fertile imagination. The design is exquisite and includes appliers for several mesh bodies. The luscious pearls draping from neck to cleavage were the perfect complement for it, one of the latest releases by Zuri Jewelry. The combination of strong pearls and delicate gems, with a subtle touch of baby’s-breath makes this collection a breathtaking beauty.


Skin: LAQ / Maitreya Lara mesh body / Slink hands / Hair: booN / Eyes: IKON / Shape: my very own


Vera Gown by Merivale / Jewelry: Charlotte Elite Collection by Zuri Rayna / Angel nail polish by {ZOZ} / Make up by Ever An’ Angel


The Rose Theatre at Angel Manor Estate / Photos by Zero Upshaw