Who will love, who will betray

Who will love, who will betray

Speak to me, speak again
Show me the will of the gods
Who will betray me?
Who will love me?

Aritimi, speak to me. Laran, speak to me. Erus, speak to me. Let me see the paths that you have traced for us, let the twisted message of these entrails show me your will.


Frowning while she examines the liver, the haruspex is looking for signs and omens of the wills of the gods. She’s wearing the Druidess Hooded Dress that Anachron designed exclusively for the Spoonful of Sugar, an event to benefit Médecins sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders). It’s the LAST day!


I chose to wear my own hair, but there is a version with hair (and a hair color HUD) included. Nicely shaped and with beautiful textures, 100% of these sales will benefit MSF.

The Table of the Haruspex is a wonderful set exclusively created by The Roawenwood for the Twisted Hunt, my mostest favoritest event in Second Life. The theme for the Fall 2016 round of the Twisted Hunt is Divination. This table is everything. It includes an animation that makes you examine the liver, perfect for RP (the knife in my hand is not included).


The glowing spirits from beyond are glowing on the Twisted Druid Circle, a wonderful creation by Sweet Revolutions, also a prize from the Twisted Hunt.


The haruspex is also wearing Zuri Rayna’s new edition of an old classic: the Night Sky Set in light gold and dark rubies, falling like delicate blood droplets around my neck. This set is incredibly reduced for a whole week at Zuri Jewelry main store!

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands and Deluxe Feet / Genesis Head Makena 2.0 Albino / Hair: AD – enchant / .:EMO-tions:. * LIV * BRAID-attachment.

Anachron – Druidess Hooded Dress – Maple / Zuri’s Night Sky Choker V5 – Ruby / Zuri’s Night Sky Necklace – Copper-Ruby V5 / Zuri’s Night Sky Earrings – Copper-Ruby V5.

{RW} Table of the Haruspex Set / ~*SR*~ Twisted Druid Circle.
The location is my really cool neighbour’s place, Pink Nikita’s Realm.

You didn’t tell me they were made of wax

You didn’t tell me they were made of wax

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again

The wind was my accomplice, inebriating and sweet on my face, toying with strands of my hair while I kept chasing the sky, always high and higher…


My wings, my perfect golden wings hiking me through the skies are the latest creation by Les Encantades, part of the Butterfly Gacha set that you can find exclusively at The Jackpot Gacha, up until September 25th.

I never knew how it happened. A ray of light on my eyes, everything spinning, falling, rushing. And then only silence.


These lovely sets are available in silver or gold, and the fitmesh skirts in several colors. Try your luck at the rare butterfly unrigged tops to mix and match!

For this is the end
I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue I owe them
Swept away, I’m stolen


✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands and Deluxe Feet / Catwa Head Candy / Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Pure Ivory / Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_WIND ~ Pack of REDS / IKON Immortal Eyes – Nectar / Tatto -[TWC]- Red Butterfly.

*LE* Buterfly Top Gold / *LE* Buterfly Wings Gold / *LE* Buterfly Skirt Gold Ruby.

Skye Neist Point.

Quotes: Skyfall, by Adele.

The night that never ends

The night that never ends

Many called her beautiful.
She was not beautiful.
She was red, and terrible, and red.

The truth is all around you, plain to behold. The night is dark and full of terrors, the day bright and beautiful and full of hope. One is black, the other white. There is ice and there is fire. Hate and love. Bitter and sweet. Male and female. Pain and pleasure. Winter and summer. Evil and good. Death and life.


Inspired in a character from A Song of Ice and Fire, my red priestess is rocking one of the latest releases from Les Encantades, the Thea robes, which you can find 25% off until July 25th at We❤ RP. The rigging works perfectly for mesh bodies, while the fires of wisdom reflect on the gold in her belt.


Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends…

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body / Slink Elegant Hands / Genesis_Head_Lara_2.0 / Appliers: Lumae :: Jewel – 1 – Pearl // Cocoa / IKON Hope Eyes – Crimson / CATWA HAIR Mia [C].

*LE* Thea Ruby / [Faida] Hexagon – Aged Gold RARE.

A cave at Nikita’s Pink Realm.

Quotes: A Storm of Swords and A Clash of Kings – by George R.R. Martin

Do you want to change the world?

Do you want to change the world?

Things are passing and changing and moving around,
But the colors of the sky,
Still remain the same, as we used to know,
Every single day

Sit with me. Stop running through the gale for a moment, just sit with me. Let your senses rest, let your body breathe, sit here with me. Later, you will spread your wings to the unknown tomorrow, fly anywhere, change your mind… but not now, not yet. It’s time to purify. Sit with me, it’s wonderland.


My inspiration today is a character from Inuyasha, the old shrine priestess Kaede. Here she swings her kagura-suzu, in front of one of the latest creations by Anachron, the Zabuton gacha collection. The common prizes are 16 Zabuton cusions with several sitting animations, two rare Andon lamps, which you can turn on and off by touch, and the tatami platform, also rare.


A beautiful match of realism and high quality, these are low land impact and low lag. You can collect them all at the Fair Area at Migawacho until July 22nd. Here the priestess advices the warrior in front of Anachron’s detailed Tea Set and table, group gifts.


If we could catch the rhythm of time,
We could probably fly so high.

Godiva Skin / IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak / Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_COUNTRY / *Edelweiss* Miko Dress 01 + Kagura-suzu + Houki / Anachron – Rigged Mesh Waraji – Shiroi / [BODY FACTORY] Brook Eye Patch.

The warrior:
LOGO Ethan v1.0 Omega / Slink Hands MALE Relaxed / 7 Deadly s[K]ins – DEVAN / Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_COUNTRY / THF15 – Moonlitecat Creations – Ki Kimono Mens / Anachron – Rigged Mesh Waraji – Shiroi.

Anachron – Tatami Picnic Awning – Dark Wood RARE / Anachron – Zabuton Floor Pillows / Anachron – Andon Lantern – Blue Design Paper RARE + Red Design Paper RARE / Anachron – Rustic Tea Table (Group Gift) + Tea Set – Ceylon Green (Group Gift).

Quotes: Inuyasha song “Fukai Mori”, English version. First paragraph inspired on the lyrics of Inuyasha opening song “Change the World”.